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Dentist for anxiety patients in Berlin Spandau

At our dental practice in Berlin Spandau, we offer specialised solutions for anxiety patients to make your experience at the dentist as stress-free as possible. Our experienced dental team understands the needs of anxiety patients and adapts treatment accordingly.


5 million people in Germany suffer from dental anxiety (dental phobia).

Do you know this too?

  • Just the thought of having to go to the dentist makes you sweat?
  • You haven’t slept for days since you made the appointment?
  • The very thought of going to the dentist’s office has become torture?

If all or some of these points apply to you, then you are in good company in Germany.

Tips on how to conquer your fear of the dentist:

  1. Be open about your fear of the dentist and agree on hand signals
  2. Practise relaxation techniques
  3. Don’t be afraid of the dentist – everything goes better with music
  4. Anaesthetic sprays against the fear of injections
  5. Have the treatment steps explained to you
  6. Get to the root of the problem

Our treatment team is prepared for you:

  • Great experience with anxiety patients due to 15 years of practice
  • Competence and equipment of the practice rooms; with us – fear patients are not immediately put on the treatment chair.
  • Patience, time and understanding is what we have for you.

Do you wish to have a treatment under general anaesthesia?

So it goes without saying that we discuss the procedure of the general anaesthetic and the treatment procedures in this general anaesthetic treatment together in advance. We take care of “fear patients“, because we know from our years of experience how stressful phobia can be.

That is why the anaesthesia is carried out by a specialist in anaesthesia who comes to the practice especially for this purpose.

He is also the one who administers the necessary medication and discusses the anaesthetic procedure with the patient who has sobered up for the anaesthetic.

We are happy to make an appointment to try treatment under local anaesthetic if desired.

Our experience with anxiety patients who have developed a dental phobia prior to dental procedures has shown us that this attempt can often make general anaesthesia and general anaesthetic treatment unnecessary.


  • What can I do about panic fear of the dentist?

There are a few things. For example, psychotherapy can be very helpful. However, it is important to clarify whether the costs will be covered by the health insurance company. And it must be made clear that a phobia (in this case dental phobia) cannot simply be treated away. In many cases, the only option is treatment under general anaesthetic.

  • How dangerous is a general anaesthetic at the dentist?

ATactually, the risks of general anaesthesia are extremely low for people without certain pre-existing conditions. There is very little evidence of serious risks. Nevertheless, side effects can occur, even deaths are theoretically conceivable, but they are negligible.

After waking up, nausea or, in rare cases, vomiting may occur, a certain drowsiness, tiredness, dizziness and weakness are possible. There is also a risk of aspiration during anaesthesia. This is when some of the contents of the stomach enter the windpipe. With a general anaesthetic at the dentist, however, this risk is negligible because a) the treatment is planned precisely and the patient is instructed to come for treatment on an empty stomach.

  • Which health insurance company covers treatment under general anaesthesia?

There is no general answer to this question, because all statutory health insurances offer the same range of services. However, when it comes to covering the costs of treatment under general anaesthesia, many health insurance companies try to “cheat their way out of it”, for example by explaining on the phone that general anaesthesia at the dentist is generally not covered. This is simply wrong! A certificate from a psychiatrist is necessary for the costs of general anaesthesia to be covered. The professional title of psychiatrist is important; psychotherapists can also write such certificates, but they are usually not accepted.You should therefore first check with your health insurance fund whether the certificate submitted is sufficient.

The situation is different with private health insurance. Here, the possible assumption of costs depends on the individually agreed tariff.But even if you are of the opinion that general anaesthesia is part of your tariff, it is important to find out in advance whether the costs will really be covered.

  • How does laughing gas actually work?

Laughing gas is a sedation, so you are conscious and – in contrast to a general anaesthetic – can remember everything afterwards. But you perceive the treatment differently.You could say that under nitrous oxide you view the treatment from a distance, as if you were watching from above.Many patients with anxiety report that the panic that is actually pronounced during the treatment almost disappears due to laughing gas, it loses its terror.In addition, you can quickly resume your everyday life after the treatment and, for example, drive a car.

  • What is the difference between general anaesthesia and sedation?

As already described with laughing gas, sedation is much more discreet.

With a general anaesthetic you are “completely away”, you are deeply asleep and do not notice anything around you. This is why an anaesthetist has to administer and monitor the anaesthetic.Sedation puts you into a state of calm, but you will be aware of everything that is happening.While it takes a while after a general anaesthetic to return to your original state, the sedation wears off more quickly, so you are “completely there” again.What does a general anaesthetic cost at the dentist?The cost of an anaesthetic is between 200 and 250 euros.For each additional hour, you will usually be charged 100 to 150 euros. However, you should check beforehand whether the costs can be covered by your statutory health insurance or private health insurance.You will find more information about this above.

  • Who pays for anaesthesia at the dentist?

If the requirements are met, i.e. you can present a certificate from a psychiatrist, your statutory health insurance will cover the costs. If you have private health insurance, the costs will depend on your specific tariff. In any case, you should find out in advance from your health insurance company whether the costs of anaesthesia will be covered.

  • Where does the great fear of the dentist come from in so many people?

This question is not so easy to answer.

Every person is different and every story is individual. Over time, however, it has become clear that it is often childhood experiences that can lead to dental fear or dental phobia.

Dentists were not always as empathetic as they are today (and there are still many dentists today who lack sensitivity).This led to treatments, especially for children, which resulted in traumatic experiences for the young. Since dental phobia goes beyond the usual fear, treatment is difficult and lengthy. Often, the only way to deal with the phobia is ultimately general anaesthesia.

Dental fear can have many causes, but bad experiences in childhood play an extremely important role.

  • What kind of anaesthesia is appropriate for dental surgery?

That depends on the fear factor.

People who do not have any major problems with going to the dentist can have a simple anaesthetic injection. However, if you have a severe dental phobia, you will probably want to have a general anaesthetic.

However, if you have had good experience with sedation, such as nitrous oxide, this is also a realistic option. Ultimately, however, people with a pronounced fear of the dentist must make the decision themselves.After all, you know best what you are comfortable with and where your psychological limits are.


Are you an anxiety patient in Berlin Spandau? We are your trustworthy choice. Contact us today to make an appointment and learn more about our comprehensive dental services.

Alan M.Alan M.
09:44 29 Jul 23
Die Praxis ist super und Dr. Bender ist hervorragend: Absolut professionell, modern eingerichtet, sehr (kinder-)freundlich und gut organisiert (z. B. Erinnerung per SMS oder Brief zu Vorsorgeuntersuchungen). 6 Sterne! Die Narkose war total einfühlsam.
Florina GutmanFlorina Gutman
18:30 26 Jul 23
Es gibt viele gute Zahnärzte, aber es gibt nur einen Dr. Bender, der stets professionell ist und sein Werk wirklich zu verstehen weiß. Selbst bei unangenehmen Eingriffen ist der Zahn schnell repariert. Ich habe kaum Schmerzen verspürt und bin über jede Rettung dankbar! Da geht man tatsächlich gern hin :))))
Janin EsterkinJanin Esterkin
15:32 26 Jul 23
Sehr nettes und kompetentes Praxisteam!Dr. Bender ist sehr sympathisch und professionell. Während der Behandlung wurde mir jeder Schritt in Ruhe erklärt und Dr. Bender ist empathisch auf meine Ängste eingegangen, sodass ich zu keiner Zeit der Behandlung Angst hatte! Die Mitarbeiter der Praxis sind alle sehr freundlich und die Terminvergabe war sehr flexibel.Ich bin sehr froh so einen tollen Arzt gefunden zu haben und begebe mich sehr gerne wieder bei Dr. Bender in Behandlung!Nachdem ich gestern wieder bei Dr. Bender war, kann ich alles was ich zuvor geschrieben habe nur noch einmal bestätigen! Er war wieder sehr professionell, kompetent und hat mir wirklich sehr gut geholfen!
Anna PengAnna Peng
11:46 13 Jun 23
Mega freundliche Zahnarztpraxis. Ich hatte noch nie Panik zum Zahnarzt zu gehen, aber jetzt kann ich sagen, ich gehe sogar gerne dort hin 🙂 Herr Dr.Bender und auch Dr. Meier sind beide super sympathisch und sehr einfühlsam. Dort wird auch mal ein Spaß gemacht, was zusätzlich die Stimmung auflockert und man sich dementsprechend wohlfühlen kann. Bei beiden Ärzten, kann ich nur sagen, dass ich mit Ihren Arbeiten immer super zufrieden bin/war und ich die Beiden definitiv weiterempfehlen kann. Vorallem an Angstpatienten.
Klaus BucholzKlaus Bucholz
11:02 09 Jun 23
Heute meine Lang ersehnte Krone bekommen. Passt wunderbar, Herr Bender kann ich nur weiter empfehlen überaus freundlich und er macht eine sehr gute Arbeit.Man merkt sofort das er sein Handwerk versteht und dass er seine Arbeit seit sehr vielen Jahren macht. Vielen Dank nochmal an der Stelle.
Chm HhChm Hh
21:42 08 Jun 23
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Bender.Der Doktor ist sehr kompetent und das gesamte Praxisteam freundlich und zuvorkommend.Nach einigen notwendigenn Behandlungen gab es bei mir in den vergangenen 3 Jahren ausser professioneller Zahnreinigung keinen Handlungsbedarf, und das freut mich sehr.Ich fühle mich bei Dr. Bender und seinem Team in guten Händen und kann die Praxis uneingeschränkt empfehlen.


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