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High-quality dentures - Dentist in Berlin Spandau

High quality dental prosthesis solutions are available at our dental practice in Berlin Spandau. We offer comprehensive dental services for patients looking for first-class dentures. Our team has many years of experience and specialises in providing you with the best possible solutions for your dentures.



Tooth replacement deals with the replacement of teeth. This can be done with crowns, bridges, telescopes, dentures or implants.

Removable prosthetics

If there are no or few own teeth, the prostheses are either worn directly on the toothless jaw or anchored on the remaining own teeth.

Fixed prosthetics

If a tooth can no longer be filled, it must be crowned. There are different types of dental prosthetics.

  • All-cast crown
  • All-ceramic crown Cercon – (zircon)
  • metal-ceramic veneered crown
  • Telescopic dentures
  • Lower full denture for the edentulous jaw


When a tooth can no longer be filled, it must be crowned. After the patient’s tooth has been prepared in a first session and an impression of it has been taken, the crown is made on a model in the dental laboratory by the dental technician. In a second session, the crown is fixed to the tooth with cement.

Since there are now several ways to crown teeth, the decision depends on several factors: The location and degree of destruction of the tooth as well as aesthetics play a role. What all crowns have in common is that a sleeve is placed over the remaining tooth, which is fixed with a special dental cement. The crown can consist of different materials and is made in dental laboratories.

The full cast crown is made of a metal alloy. It is usually used in the cheek tooth area where it is not noticeably visible. When using an all-cast crown, less healthy tooth substance is lost than with other types of crowns. The all-ceramic crown, also called a zerkon or cercon, is the most aesthetically pleasing type of crown – it looks very similar to a real tooth. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the patient to visit the dental technician in the dental laboratory to choose the colour or to ask the dental technician to come to the practice.

Often patients decide to have an all-ceramic restoration because of the special aesthetic results. They then wish to replace the old types of crowns with all-ceramic restorations. The material, which is not so new now, allows any type of crown, be it a partial crown, an inlay or a complete crown to be made by the dental technician in the dental laboratory.

The metal-ceramic veneered crown is considered the most commonly used crown. On the one hand it is stable, on the other hand it has a natural look. With this type of crown, a metal framework is first made in the dental laboratory, onto which a tin-coloured ceramic material is applied.



The telescopic prosthesis in particular presents a great challenge. Here, the interaction between dentist, patient, laboratory and dental technician is of decisive importance for the success of the work. Implants are often placed at the “side” of the patient’s own teeth in order to fix the seat.

This in turn presents both the dentist and the dental technician with a great challenge, which can only be met by working together in a triad:

Patient-Dentist-Dental Technician(Laboratory) is successfully realised.



In the case of implant crowns, the crown is not attached to a tooth but to the previously successfully placed implant.

The dental technique and the quality of the dental laboratory

The dental technique and the quality of the dental laboratory play a decisive role, because patients often decide to have the implant fitted with a Cercon (zirconium) crown.

Only this all-ceramic crown offers 120% aesthetics.

We have been working with our master laboratory for years, so that many questions and problems with the dental technology and the dental technician are already clarified in advance.

The edentulous jaw Especially the attachment of a prosthesis in the edentulous lower jaw is a great challenge for the dentist and the dental technician.

The full lower jaw prosthesis is completely at the mercy of the cheek, the floor of the mouth, the tongue and the lips. This practically always means that sooner or later denture adhesive ointments have to be used.

Today, it is possible to anchor the full denture very well by using suitable implants, so that the patient gains a considerable increase in quality of life. Two to four implants are placed in the lower jaw. The prosthesis is then attached to these implants. If there is enough bone, up to six implants can be placed.

This makes it possible to do without a prosthesis altogether and have a fixed bridge made by the dental laboratory.


Immediate loading for the restoration of edentulous mandibles on four implants has now proven to be a well-documented procedure in implantology.

1st session
Patient education,planning DVT, fabrication of situation models for individual trays, photo status.

2nd session
Removal of teeth not worthy of preservation, implantation and impression taking.

3rd session
Try-in of the tooth set-up and bite taking over the set-up.

4th session
After the so-called provisional fixation has been incorporated into the plastic bridge

5th session
After one week, removal of the sutures and insertion of the temporary superstructure. Cleaning and checking of the abutments. Subsequently, the restoration is fixed again and the patient is informed about the required oral hygiene. After three (lower jaw) or six months (upper jaw) the definitive restoration was made.



If you are looking for high-quality dentures in Berlin Spandau, we are your trusted choice. Contact us today to make an appointment and learn more about our comprehensive dental services

Alan M.Alan M.
09:44 29 Jul 23
Die Praxis ist super und Dr. Bender ist hervorragend: Absolut professionell, modern eingerichtet, sehr (kinder-)freundlich und gut organisiert (z. B. Erinnerung per SMS oder Brief zu Vorsorgeuntersuchungen). 6 Sterne! Die Narkose war total einfühlsam.
Florina GutmanFlorina Gutman
18:30 26 Jul 23
Es gibt viele gute Zahnärzte, aber es gibt nur einen Dr. Bender, der stets professionell ist und sein Werk wirklich zu verstehen weiß. Selbst bei unangenehmen Eingriffen ist der Zahn schnell repariert. Ich habe kaum Schmerzen verspürt und bin über jede Rettung dankbar! Da geht man tatsächlich gern hin :))))
Janin EsterkinJanin Esterkin
15:32 26 Jul 23
Sehr nettes und kompetentes Praxisteam!Dr. Bender ist sehr sympathisch und professionell. Während der Behandlung wurde mir jeder Schritt in Ruhe erklärt und Dr. Bender ist empathisch auf meine Ängste eingegangen, sodass ich zu keiner Zeit der Behandlung Angst hatte! Die Mitarbeiter der Praxis sind alle sehr freundlich und die Terminvergabe war sehr flexibel.Ich bin sehr froh so einen tollen Arzt gefunden zu haben und begebe mich sehr gerne wieder bei Dr. Bender in Behandlung!Nachdem ich gestern wieder bei Dr. Bender war, kann ich alles was ich zuvor geschrieben habe nur noch einmal bestätigen! Er war wieder sehr professionell, kompetent und hat mir wirklich sehr gut geholfen!
Anna PengAnna Peng
11:46 13 Jun 23
Mega freundliche Zahnarztpraxis. Ich hatte noch nie Panik zum Zahnarzt zu gehen, aber jetzt kann ich sagen, ich gehe sogar gerne dort hin 🙂 Herr Dr.Bender und auch Dr. Meier sind beide super sympathisch und sehr einfühlsam. Dort wird auch mal ein Spaß gemacht, was zusätzlich die Stimmung auflockert und man sich dementsprechend wohlfühlen kann. Bei beiden Ärzten, kann ich nur sagen, dass ich mit Ihren Arbeiten immer super zufrieden bin/war und ich die Beiden definitiv weiterempfehlen kann. Vorallem an Angstpatienten.
Klaus BucholzKlaus Bucholz
11:02 09 Jun 23
Heute meine Lang ersehnte Krone bekommen. Passt wunderbar, Herr Bender kann ich nur weiter empfehlen überaus freundlich und er macht eine sehr gute Arbeit.Man merkt sofort das er sein Handwerk versteht und dass er seine Arbeit seit sehr vielen Jahren macht. Vielen Dank nochmal an der Stelle.
Chm HhChm Hh
21:42 08 Jun 23
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Zahnarztpraxis Dr. Bender.Der Doktor ist sehr kompetent und das gesamte Praxisteam freundlich und zuvorkommend.Nach einigen notwendigenn Behandlungen gab es bei mir in den vergangenen 3 Jahren ausser professioneller Zahnreinigung keinen Handlungsbedarf, und das freut mich sehr.Ich fühle mich bei Dr. Bender und seinem Team in guten Händen und kann die Praxis uneingeschränkt empfehlen.


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